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Calgary Garage Door Service Calgary Garage Door Service Calgary Garage Door Service Calgary Garage Door Service Calgary Garage Door Service Calgary Garage Door Service
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1. Q: Why should I use a professional garage door dealer/installer?

A: At J & J Garage Doors , we believe that the installation of a garage door is not a do-it-yourself job. A garage door is the largest moving object in your home and because of the large number of small parts, installation of a garage door is highly technical. Connecting the springs can be particularly dangerous and proper installation is critical to the performance of your door.
Professional garage door dealer/installers can typically install a door in a few hours and are careful to make sure safety requirements are met. Installations by most homeowners typically span several days and cause much frustration. In addition, incorrect installation can void certain warranties, so we recommend a professional handle the job for you. One of the other services a professional garage door dealer/installer can provide is the disposal of your old door, if you are replacing a door.

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16. Q: How do I paint a wood door?

A: The following information on proper painting of wood doors comes from the American Hardboard Association. These guidelines were established by the hardboard manufacturers and do not replace J & J Garage Doors 's instructions or warranty. For further details on painting, click here or refer to the Owner's Manual that comes with every J & J Garage Doors door.
FINISH SELECTIONS 1) Primer: Use a solvent based oil/alkyd or waterborne primer which will seal the face, back and edges of the entire door and is compatible with the top coat to be used.
2) Top Coat Paint: Use either latex or oil exterior top coat paint. The oil paint should be semi or full gloss paint.
NOTE: All paints used should be those recommended by the finish manufacturer for use on hardboard.\nSURFACE PREPARATION The surface of the hardboard skin/panel must be clean, free of dust and dirt, mildew and other contamination. Unprimed hardboard doors should be finished upon delivery.
APPLICATION: Follow the directions recommended by the finish manufacturer, paying particular attention to special primer requirements, hardboard surface temperature, rate of spread and recommended application procedures. Prime doors using an alkyd/oil primer. After the primer has dried, follow the manufacturer's recommendations relative to the use of a primer and the finish coats.
Number of Coats/Coating Thickness: A total film thickness of 4 dry mils (.004") minimum for all six sides of the door, face, back and edges is recommended.
MAINTENANCE AND REFINISHING Yearly inspection of the exterior of the garage door is recommended. If the finish appears in good condition, cleaning and touch up is often adequate. When the finish becomes badly eroded and thin, clean and prime the areas where the substrate is showing, followed by complete priming and finish coating. If there is no substrate showing through, the finish coating may not need any maintenance at this time.

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Calgary Garage Door Service
Calgary Garage Door Service

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